Austin SEO Consultant

Get Honest Advice from an SEO Consultant and Expert that Has Your Company’s Best Interests at Heart

The most important principle that I hold and never let waver is Integrity.  I always put myself in the shoes of my customers and look at what I think will give them the biggest ROI — even if that means recommending against Search Engine Optimization.

There are several reasons why looking out for my customers’ best interests works in my best interests as well:

  • You will continue paying me
  • You will maybe look into additional services
  • You will recommend me to other businesses
  • You will be happy — I like making people happy! (Constantly having disgruntled customers is no way to live!)

My main goal is to help businesses. Taking money from you when I knew I couldn’t help you or that it wasn’t the most beneficial path for you would go against that goal.

Please understand that I subscribe to this principle:  Always doing more than paid for

So, not only am I trying to get you at least good ROI, but I’m trying get you a great return.  I give my customers additional services that they didn’t pay for all the time.  In the end, this is in my interests as well.

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