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We are able to provide the full range of SEO Services your business needs to Dominate your Competition Online.  We don’t use the word “dominate” lightly.  You don’t want to just do “OK” or “get on the 1st page” as many other consultants are only able to do.  You want to WIN.

Win, Baby, Win. Yeah!









There’s more benefit than just the psychological advantage of winning involved here.  There’s a huge disparity in clicks between being #1 for a search phrase and being just on the 1st page.  This difference can be as much as 40 times.  While we’re not going to be the cheapest Search Engine Optimization option out there, the math justifies what we charge because a lot more of your target market makes it to your website with us.

Furthermore, and this is a bit of a secret, so keep it to yourself(!), we are capable of getting multiple results on the 1st page, so you can get even more traffic than your “fair share.”

We run our business (and lives) with a commitment to excellence and it shows in our work by over delivering to our customers.

Here are the SEO Services we can provide:

Full SEO Analysis and Audit

We will take a full look at where you are, what your opportunities are, where you want to be, and your options for how to get there.

You need someone to come up with the proper analysis and plans to maximize your marketing money.

Keyword Research

What is your target market typing into the search engines?

What do they currently see when they type that in?

How frequently does your target market go to the search engines to look for your products or services?

If you don’t answer these questions well, then your WHOLE SEO PROJECT will go down the wrong path.  You must have this done properly.  Unfortunately, I see many businesses that start their SEO project off destined for failure because this step was glossed over or even, gasp, completely skipped!

Furthermore, there are certain…complexities in looking at the keyword data that is out there that someone without experience with hundreds of sites would not understand.  So, don’t let an inexperienced consultant miss some important implications!

On Page SEO

The internet is really good at spreading information.  Unfortunately, the internet is also great at spreading misinformation.  There is nearly an infinite amount of misinformation spread out there about On Page SEO.

Get a team that has real experience with what matters with regards to what goes on on your site.  Many companies will tie you up forever in the infinite minutia of setting up your website properly.  The reality is that for the vast majority of businesses 90% of On Page SEO is dead simple and fast to fix.

Web Design

We are not a web design firm.  Web design is a completely different business model from Search Engine Optimization.

However, we have an expert team of web designers capable of fulfilling almost any website design need our customers want.  It is not a good fit for our business if all you need is web design, but we often do this for our customers to get things done right and inexpensively.

We don’t believe you should spend a lot of money on web design because that is not where you’re going to get your ROI!!

Off Page SEO

This is usually the most critical and most difficult piece of getting your digital assets ranked well.  On Page SEO is easy (although many still mess it up!).  Off Page SEO is very hard to do well and is easy to mess up.

What we do works crazy well — even for very competitive markets.  To protect our business and our current clients, I do not wish to disclose in this public space exactly what we do.  However, I can share some general thoughts on this subject.

We believe in quality of quantity.  The latest Google updates have shown us to be right.

Off Page SEO is almost exclusively about Link Building.  It is far better to have 10 awesome links than 10,000 crappy or even mediocre links!  The data backs this up.  It was somewhat true in early 2013.  But, today it is far more true and it only becomes more accurate over time.

These high quality links are very hard to get — which is why most companies settle for medium or low quality links.  But, they are sooooo worth it!

Video SEO

Video SEO is one of the ways that we can get you to be #1 and #2 for your target search phrases.  Google also loves putting YouTube videos in the search results.

We know how to rank videos.  Again, this is a tough thing for many people, but we have a very high success rate.

Ignore video at your own cost.  It is more engaging and Google knows it.  It is much easier to create than most people think too.

Secret Services that Almost no one talks about, but that are very powerful!

There are other things we do that are so awesome and unique that we don’t want to discuss it here.

Again, there’s a ton of misinformation on the internet about what really works and we like it that way!  Right now, SEO is very easy because most people do not understand how it works.

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