We Dominate Our Market So We Can Do The Same For You.

(1) Let us prove it.

We don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk.  How would you like to be ranking for keyword terms in your business by next week?  If you have a website and you are not getting traffic then something is wrong.  In this fast pace world of smart phones and tablets customers want what they want now, so if you are not a click away then they move on to the next business that can accommodate there wishes.  We take a very aggressive approach to ranking website through online advertisement. Take advantage of us.

(2) What is your Market Typing into Google?

There’s no point in optimizing your online presence for phrases no one is typing into the search engines!  You would be surprised at how many companies that have “optimized” pages for search phrases that either aren’t getting searched or aren’t the target market.

This is an absolute critical step in the Search Engine Optimization process.  If you get this wrong, then everything else you do is inefficient at best and worthless at worst.  What good is it to be #1 for something that isn’t getting searched by your target market?

(3) Can You Expect SEO to Provide a Positive ROI?

A rough approximation of your potential earnings from SEO can usually be made.  Is it worth the cost?  I can help you find out.

We cannot know exactly the value of the potential traffic out there, but we can at least come up with a conservative estimation of what sort of value to expect.  If that traffic does not justify the costs of SEO even if you do really well, then it is an easy decision for you to not do SEO.  That’s OK.  Search Engine Optimization is not a good fit for every business!

If you’re a restaurant place that makes $5 per customer, SEO is probably not something that is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Look into email and text message marketing.

On the other hand, plastic surgeons make about $5k-$10k per customer, so it is much easier to justify the cost of high quality SEO.  Yes, I’m not the 1st person to think of this, so it will be more “competitive,” but most “SEO Experts” out there do mediocre SEO at best — which is easy to beat. 

(4) Where do you Stand with the Search Engines Today?

On Page SEO — What does Google see when it views your website?

You need to tell Google what your site is relevant to on your site.  This is a simple, but critical step that many SEO Consultants get wrong or fail to pay attention to.  This makes me a bit sad because it is where my client’s usually get an instant boost in the search results.

The good news about this is that it is almost always an easy fix and there are little to no visible changes to the way your website looks, so its not like you need a whole new website.  As a result it is quick and inexpensive to fix any issues in this area.

Off Page SEO — What kind of activity is going on outside of your website that is related to your website?

Google and the other search engines are basically popularity contests.  Yes, its high school all over again.  The more that other websites talk about you, the more Google likes you.  The more Google likes those websites, the better.  The more relevant those websites are to the phrases that your market is searching for, the better.  I’m over simplifying it, but I think this gives you the general idea.

Social Media has become more important over time, but by itself it is not going to rank you efficiently.  What you really need are high power, high quality, relevant links pointing back to your site in the manner that tells Google that you’re relevant to what your market is searching for.

Fortunately for me and my clients, I focus heavily on quality over quantity — which works best now and is where Google is going more to in the future anyway.

Do you have rankings anywhere on the map right now?

If you are ranking high on the 2nd page or low on the 2nd page for something, then that is something we can be opportunistic about getting you traffic.

On the 2nd page and even low on the 1st page, you’re probably getting little to no traffic from that search phrase.  The vast majority of the people who are searching do not go beyond the top 3-5 results.  Going from 9th to 4th is going to give you a BIG boost in traffic.  Going from 4th to 1st is an even bigger boost.

(4) What does your Traffic Look Like Right Now?

If you’re getting traffic, let’s take a look at it to look for low-hanging fruit.  Unfortunately, Google has recently turned off their passing of the keyword that the user searched to the website tracking the visitor.  Therefore, you can’t really tell what search phrases your visitors typed in to get to your site like you used to.

Still, are you getting any traffic at all?  There are other tools we can use to approximate where most of that traffic is coming from.  This is very useful information because part of SEO is being opportunistic about what Google already thinks you’re somewhat relevant for.

(6) How powerful is the Competition?

You want to WIN right?  How tough are the websites on the 1st page?

Unfortunately, many people try to make competition a formula based upon many factors — the most common of which is number of “competing pages” (the number of websites returned)  This is a terrible mistake.  1st of all the # of “competing pages” does not matter.  All that matters is the websites at and near the top.  Who cares about the guy at the 77th position?  I sure don’t.

Furthermore, I don’t want to know how hard it will be to get you to the bottom of the 1st page or the 2nd page.  I want to know how hard it will be for you to WIN.  This is the primary factor in how expensive it will be for you to do high quality SEO.

(7) Are Local SEO Listings Showing up for your Target Search Phrases?

Local Listings SEO (Google+ for Business results) requires different actions to rank.  It is important to check for these results in your target search phrases before beginning on traditional, “organic” Search Engine Optimization.

(8) Do you have a Plan with Long-Term Viability?

I’m guessing the answer is either “No” or “I don’t know” because you’re here right now.

You need to have a long term plan — even if you change it from time to time.

There are a lot of strategies that work well right now, but it is well known that Google is targeting them to not work in the near future.


Do your due diligence and be rewarded.  If you or your SEO Consultant fail to do the proper research and planning up front, then you are likely burning money.

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